About My Jewellery
From the womb of the earth and the depth of the oceans and the rage of volcanoes, I find my inspiration. Unusual material like meteorites, fossilized wood (jet), shells, pebbles, lava, drift wood, rough diamonds, old gold beads, antique glass beads and trading beads just take my breath away!

Sometimes I just like a simple pebble which is neither rare nor unusual, but has a certain formation or color or texture or shape which interests me. As a kid when I would go for a walk in the woods or a stroll on the beach, I would see a stone or a pebble or shells or driftwood and I would get lost in my imagination and would want to carry it all back home!

I don’t have any fixed style of design that I adhere to, my jewelry is more personality-oriented. Gold is not the focus in my jewelry; it is just used to bring things together. Each piece is hand crafted primarily using recycled gold, and is unique in its concept and design. I love collecting old gold beads and pendants, and combining them with various colours and textures to create jewelry that’s one of its kind and easy to wear.